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WordPress Vs Squarespace – 5 Top Tips To Consider

In our fast evolving world, people seek to  promote what they market so as to get massive customer engagement and patronage.

And you know what? the internet has made that just easy! Because business owners can now get even closer to their customers through their websites!

Now speaking of websites, there is a wide range of website builders that you can choose to create your own unique website from.

You should also know that your website serves as your online business card that promotes your products and services to the customers.

Therefore it is crucial that your website be unique, relevant, interesting and visually appealing to the customers

So, if after conducting your survey on the best website builders and you have narrowed down your preference to either WordPress or squarespace then you’ve selected well.

These two giant website builders are most popular and there have been arguments about which one is best.

This article gives a professional comparison of the two top website builders and we hope that after reading, you’d develop a preference for one that you’ll use to create your own unique website!

Now that the stage is set, let’s put both contenders in the ring; wordpress vs squarespace: let the comparison begin!

What Is A Website Builder

Before digging deep into the tips you need to consider before selecting your preferred website builder, you first need to know what a website builder is.

A website builder is a platform that allows people to create websites without the need for coding or even editing of codes.

They are web-based and do not require any software as they come with varieties of features that can easily be removed or enhanced. 

Thereby, allowing you to use the features that you consider most important and relevant of use  to your business.

Different themes, designs, fonts and colours are features of website builders and you can choose from a wide choice of these features to enhance the style and feel of your website.

WordPress Vs Squarespace

Now, we are going to make a kind of head to head Squarespace and WordPress comparison for you to know the one that well suits the needs of your site and the tips you need to know about both.

Design and Functional Capabilities: WordPress offers you a wide range of themes and add on extensions which are both free or premium. 

So, no matter the kind of design you’re looking for you would definitely find it in the numerous designs and functionalities that WordPress has to offer!

However, on the other hand squarespace leaves clients with limited available templates when compared to WordPress.

It is also impossible to extend functionalities when using squarespace as all is already built in with plugins and features.

So, for an average user, third party plugin customization will be difficult as all functionalities are built-in; so all squarespace offers is what you use for your site.

Ecommerce support: WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce plugin which can be used to set up online stores that you can freely receive money, and keep all the profits is owned by WordPress.

Meanwhile, squarespace takes a specific percentage of commission from transactions and you can only collect your money in certain currencies using a specific payment method. 

Squarespace is not fully prepared for ecommerce and supports only Stripe as its payment method which leads to limitation in the number of online shoppers you’ll  get on your site.

Cost: WordPress requires you to pay for some specific plugins, themes and of course hosting in order for your site to be live.

However, you can still find some plugins and themes for free on WordPress to build your site. But for a fully managed hosting you’d be required to pay a couple of dollars monthly. 

In a nutshell, you can find suitable themes and plugins for your website for free on WordPress but you’d have to register a domain and set up hosting.

Well on the other side of the spectrum, squarespace is quite pricey as it offers monthly plans over the domain, hosting, themes, support, templates, and more. The pricing doesn’t only make people afraid of using squarespace as you’d be left with limited features even at a higher price.

Control: WordPress enables you to fully control the activities on the site. This implies that you are allowed to add as many pages as you want, this also includes a zero limit to the number of posts you upload too. 

WordPress has no claim on your content, as it is a free website not a hosted one. This indicates that you can work on your site in whatever way you want to. You are also given the choice to register your domain independently. 

Unlike WordPress, Squarespace is in full control of every activity and content on its site. This is so because Squarespace is a hosted platform. 

Squarespace lays claim to every single one of your contents placed on their site. This in turn means you cannot export the content(s) to another site if you decide to opt out. 

Besides, there is a limit to the number of pages you can open on Squarespace. To access the unlimited offer, you’d have to purchase another plan which is on the pricier side. 

Flexibility: WordPress has thousands of plugins that suit all of your needs. For example, you can receive donations via this WordPress donation plugin called Donorbox.

With WordPress, you can customize your site to your own taste for any product or service you market. 

With the avalanche number of themes and plugins, you can easily modify your site at any time depending on your preference.

You can also boost your online presence with the help of a specialist which will ensure you take the lead in whatever industry you’re in.

On the other hand, squarespace limits you to just small changes of the fonts, styles and colors. You may end up unsatisfied because you can not freely make modifications to your own taste.

The reason for this is not far fetched, because the elements of control and functionalities are developed and owned by squarespace which makes it difficult for external modifications.

Bottom line

Getting a running and effective site that’ll ensure you are at the apex in any industry you’re in is important! And for this reason this article has examined the two big website builders WordPress and squarespace. We hope you pick the best that’ll be of help to you. Serpstrike search engine optimization (seo) consultant company can help you gain more organic visitors using the best SEO strategy.

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