A classic solution
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Page 4: Benefits of the 'Classic'

Adtranz 4 Image 4A new cab layout was designed with driver comfort and ergonomics as a priority. Ergonomics is the science which deals with the interaction of individuals, objects and the environment or system in which they operate. The new interior has a flexible seating layout which could be adapted to the needs of each train operator. Windows are double-glazed and a combination of underseat and bodyside heaters provides a comfortable interior environment.

Safety benefits of the Classic include:

  • improved crashworthiness
  • sliding doors
  • safer interiors
  • improved fire standards
  • replacement of wiring and pipework
  • improved driver environment.

For the passengers, the Classic offers:

  • a spacious interior
  • more and better quality seats
  • a wheelchair area
  • a toilet suitable for the mobility impaired
  • a passenger alarm system
  • a modern exterior
  • destination indicators.

Testing of the prototype was particularly important and the vehicle was subjected to the rigorous set of static loads required by Railtrack’s Railway Group Standards. These are the requirements specified by Railtrack for the acceptance of new and modified vehicles. The new vehicle passed with flying colours which meant the project could proceed and achieve the bulk of Acceptances.

Before launching any new product, it is important to carry out detailed research. In this case market analysis was used to provide more detailed information on the commercial aspects
of the project. It was particularly important to find out how consumers would react to the Classic train. The prototype was taken to Victoria station in London and potential passengers were allowed to walk through the vehicle. More than 2,000 questionnaires were returned, with over 84% being positive about the new vehicle. Comments were helpful in further developing the product.

The tender

The Classic train has been developed to provide Adtranz with a competitive advantage in gaining contracts for the refurbishment of Mark 1 vehicles. Having developed the Classic design and proven the concept using the prototype vehicle, Adtranz and Angel Train Contracts needed to win a production order.

To do this, the Classic concept needed to be costed accurately so that a price could be put forward to a potential customer. The cost elements included setting up the production line, buying in the parts, manufacturing labour and overheads. This is all put forward in a tender which is a proposal to carry out work or provide services. Given the large number of vehicles requiring replacement, Adtranz had the ideal product platform base to submit a cost-effective tender for each contract to meet the needs of each of its customers.

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