Combining an offline and online business
An Amway case study

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Page 6: Online gains

The web development provided Amway's Independent Business Owners with an alternative, enhanced way of managing their businesses. It gave them the chance to use technology to communicate in a different way with Amway.

Within a short period of time, the website attracted a significant number of Independent Business Owners who wanted to try the online service. Promotions helped to encourage repeat use of the site by demonstrating the unique benefits that it offers.

Using the site allowed the UK Independent Business Owners to monitor their bonus and sales in real time. It also helped them to see which areas of sales were worth targeting as they developed their businesses.

Trading on the Internet has also helped Amway to refocus its business by flexibly engineering it to meet the needs of its Independent Business Owners. At the same time, there are clear cost savings for Amway in being able to communicate with its customers through the Internet, rather than by using postal or telephone services.

Amway | Combining an offline and online business