Maintaining The Competitiveness Of A Global Brand
An Amway case study

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Page 7: The Needs Of The Targeted Markets

Market segmentation is the process of breaking a market into sections which match consumer needs. Where segments are identified as having requirements that can be met by an organisation, they can then be targeted.

Research of international markets commissioned by Amway aimed to gain a broader understanding of the Artistry user. It indicated that the overall profile of the Artistry user was consistent across all geographic regions. The Artistry woman:

  • leads a busy lifestyle
  • appreciates quality cosmetics
  • rates skin care as highly important
  • 'transforms' herself when wearing cosmetics
  • values a natural appearance
  • desires a variety of shades so she can create any look she wishes.

However, the Artistry woman is attracted to images which are regional or country specific. For example:

  • in Thailand the Artistry woman is attracted to a classic or traditional image
  • in Taiwan the image desired is classy and elegant
  • in Germany the Artistry user is attracted to glamorous and luxurious images as well as scientific and clinical images
  • in the USA Artistry users prefer scientific and clinical images
  • in Australia a moderate image of pampering was found to be appealing.

Finding the right marketing mix would require finding the common ground between the geographic differences and preferences highlighted by the research. The solution came about through:

  1. developing a product range suitable for all markets
  2. developing universal packaging
  3. undertaking a global promotional campaign that met with regional image requirements.

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