Meeting global responsibilities by caring for communities
An Amway case study

Page 4: Developing a European strategy

Amway's global campaign for children is called 'OneBYOne'. This illustrates the idea of making a difference in children's lives one step at a time. The campaign is part of an umbrella cause to improve the wellbeing of children worldwide. The campaign name and logo are colourful, cheerful, optimistic and hopeful.

The European part of this strategy involves working with UNICEF which is already an existing partner. Because of its excellent work with children, UNICEF was the logical choice.

The campaign fits comfortably with Amway's global strategy but is also tailored to meet local needs.

At the end of 2004 Amway's European businesses donated 500,000 euro to UNICEF for UNICEF projects. This money was raised through three initiatives:

  • selling UNICEF Christmas and other greetings cards
  • making donations in multiples of 69p (1 Euro), £3.45 (5 Euro), and £11.72 (17 Euro) when placing orders for goods
  • direct donations.

In January 2004 Amway activated a three-year contract to sell an exclusive range of Christmas products through European affiliates. The programme includes a commitment to raise 500,000 euro for UNICEF by the end of August of each year.

Amway | Meeting global responsibilities by caring for communities


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