Reaching customers through direct selling
An Amway case study

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Page 12: The personal touch

The success of every organisation depends upon the satisfaction of its customers. The Amway product range covers many consumable items which most people have in their homes. The quality of its products is considered to be the organisation's driving force. Amway is committed to ongoing research and development.

The direct selling industry has grown rapidly over recent years. Changing lifestyles, demographics and economic recession have all been factors influencing this growth. Amway provides people with business opportunities across the globe.

Direct selling is not about 'getting rich quick' it is about creating rewards for effort and initiative. With low risk and low capital investment, Amway provides people with the opportunity to achieve and to improve their lives.

As a leading player in the world of direct selling, Amway is helping to 'clean up' the industry and provide a valuable and acceptable form of product distribution. In an impersonal fast-moving world driven by technology, Amway provides the personal touch.

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