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Page 4: Launching a product

Multinational organisations like Amway have to consider the best ways of launching products on a global scale. It may be possible to carry out some aspects of the launch in identical ways in a range of countries, e.g. by providing an almost identical product in all markets. Other aspects, however, such as choosing the right sort of media and the language in which videos and commercials are produced, will be specifically tailored to a local market.

Amway 4 Diagram 1When carrying out a major launch, it makes sense to start in your traditional home market (in this case the United States) before rolling out the launch in stages across the globe. Lessons can be learnt from the early launches which can then be built into ongoing launches.
The UK launch involved a number of conferences for distributors at prime locations up and down the country, the creation of a short video highlighting key aspects of the product and the production of a wide range of merchandising material. A promotional price was set for distributors who attended launch conferences, providing them with a high margin on sales made in the period following the product launch.

A number of press releases were created which clearly set out the nature and purposes of the product. The press releases and product samples were sent to many national magazines which were relevant to Amway's target market, including Good Housekeeping, Living, Perfect Home, House Beautiful, Homeflair and Woman and Home.
In launching the Super Concentrated System, Amway needed to focus on the competitive advantages that the product would offer when compared with rivals. The key areas of strength that needed to be projected to the consumers were:

  • The uniqueness of the product - for the first time, consumers would be able to purchase a flexible cleaning system, which they would be able to regulate and control.
  • The advantages of concentration - in effect, consumers were now able to purchase 'micro liquids'. The new breakthrough product added to the range of choice by breaking from the traditional one litre size product packaging and provided very real benefits to the consumer in terms of convenience and value for money.
  • Environmental positioning - at a time when many consumers are committed to making purchases which support the conservation of the environment, the new system clearly provides strong competitive advantage. As consumer standards and expectations continue to rise, no company can survive and prosper if it fails to pay full attention to the developing needs of the customer and to the increasingly insistent needs of the environment.

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