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An Arla Foods case study

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Page 2: Arla Foods

Arla Foods has its origins in a co-operative of 17,000 farmers founded as Anmark in Denmark during the early 1970s. As a co-operative, the farmers banded together to negotiate with retailers who it sold to, and agriculture suppliers it bought from.

As it grew, it did business outside of Denmark as MD Foods and later merged with a Swedish producer to form Arla Foods the largest dairy group in Europe and 5th largest in the world.

The business entered the UK market in 1992 by purchasing a number of dairies. Bringing together small producers created a large organisation which soon became the 3rd largest milk processor in the UK. With six operational sites and a head office in Leeds, Arla Foods employs 2,000 people within the UK and processes over 1,000 million litres of milk annually.

The market for milk has changed significantly in recent years. With the emergence of big retailers such as supermarket chains, there has been a movement away from doorstep delivery, which has created a range of opportunities for a company like Arla to build upon its competencies within the UK market, and develop a culture that could deliver a range of branded dairy products.

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