Re-shaping a well-known brand
A Boots case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

The research into 17 was undertaken to ascertain whether the consumer understanding of the 17 brand matched the brand personality ‘girls with attitude’. The research suggested that the re-shaping process would help 17 to move along the path from a value brand to become the teenage make-up brand. The ‘girls with attitude’ image portrayed by the advertising appeared to be particularly relevant for the teenage market and relevant for the future development of the brand. It set the scene for the further development of a product range with a distinctive identity targeted at young people.

It is not possible to introduce a new brand store-wide at one point in time. It is a difficult logistical operation and the position of current stock levels must also be taken account of i.e. old stocks must be used up. During 1998, the reshaped brand was introduced into Boots stores on a run-in/run-out basis in preparation for the re-launch in the summer. The re-launch was a key moment in the life of the 17 brand. Focused on the changing preferences of young people, it has improved the competitive position of the brand by injecting new life into it - providing it with a more promising future.

Boots | Re-shaping a well-known brand