Tackling the shortage of building land
A Bryant Homes case study

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Page 3: Responding to planning requirements

Bryant Homes 3 Image 2The planning system in this country is charged with the responsibility of evaluating household projections for dwelling requirements and then identifying ‘appropriate’ locations. This involves the preparation of county guidance and local structure plans. Organisations like Bryant need to be able to anticipate and respond to these plans.

The preservation of green areas is becoming an increasingly important issue. There is a growing need to find sustainable solutions to the problems surrounding the development of the built environment. When searching for new residential sites, a number of issues, broadly referred to as the ‘sustainability criteria’ are considered. These are:

  • using derelict and vacant land
  • using land with easy access to existing road and public transport networks
  • building new homes which fit well with existing settlements and amenities
  • having minimal negative impact on environmental assets
  • being able to deliver local development / amenities
  • providing opportunities to promote mixed-use schemes (i.e. urban villages)
  • the capacity of existing settlements to accommodate additional residential development.

In dealing with emerging dwelling requirements, Planning Authorities are required to consider redundant/vacant sites within urban areas before expansion of the area itself and ultimately new settlement/urban village options.

Bryant Homes | Tackling the shortage of building land