Maintaining the Co-operative difference
A Co-operative Insurance Society case study

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Page 5: Ensuring value for money

Co Operative Insurance Society 2 Image 3The CIS aims to provide its customers with the best value for money and top-performing products. Its expenses are amongst the lowest in the industry which means that the Society can ensure that as much as possible of each customer’s premium is made to work for their benefit. This also has an impact on the overall investment performance of an individual policy. CIS maturity payouts on its life assurance policies comfortably exceed the average annual rate of inflation.

CIS is a home service insurer operating exclusively through a sales network of 7,000 full-time representatives - the second largest salesforce in the UK - who provide a direct personal service in customers’ own homes. The representatives visit customers regularly in their homes and are able to build up a personal relationship with them. For the customers this personal service means that they have one point of contact who can not only provide them with professional financial advice but who can also provide support if, for example, they need to make a claim.

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