Within an arm's reach of desire
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Coca Cola Great Britain 5 Image 2Global companies need to generate high levels of profit in order to build on existing competitive advantages. For example, Coca-Cola needs to continually build on its brand image through successful advertising, promotion and provision of value for money products.

The Company requires consistent expansion and development in its distribution systems. Coca-Cola is able to do this effectively due to its strategy of growth which has enabled the Company to develop international market leadership.

This case study has illustrated the way in which Coca-Cola has developed a global mindset which involves utilising working relationships and understanding cultural structures, thereby identifying global opportunities.

Through manipulating and co-ordinating the tools of branding and advertising via image and activity, such as through sport sponsorship, The Coca-Cola Company seeks to provide refreshment for all of the people on the planet - not just the 20% who currently account for 80% of sales.

Coca-Cola Great Britain | Within an arm's reach of desire