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A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 2: Marketing strategy

Coca Cola Great Britain 5 Image 3Marketing involves getting the right product to the right place, at the right time, at the right price and with the most suitable promotional activity. Coca-Cola has always been able to create the most appropriate marketing mix.

Since its beginnings, Coca-Cola has built its business using a universal strategy based on three timeless principles:

  • acceptability - through effective marketing, ensuring Coca-Cola brands are an integral part of consumers's daily lives, making Coca-Cola the preferred beverage everywhere
  • affordability - Coca-Cola guarantees it offers the best price in terms of value for money
  • availability - making sure that Coca-Cola brands are available anywhere people want refreshment, a pervasive penetration of the marketplace.

Coca-Cola has created an extensive and well-organised global distribution network guaranteeing the ubiquity of its products. (Ubiquity is the ability to appear to be present everywhere at once.) Its approach is founded on the belief that Coca-Cola must try to quench the thirst of everyone in the world - all 5.6 billion of them!

The Company operates a worldwide franchise system supplying syrups and concentrates to over 1,200 bottling operations, (there are more than 350 in the US alone!) which thus involves local companies and suppliers in the 200 countries in which Coca-Cola is sold.

The bottling companies distribute the world's favourite brand using the most sophisticated technology and distribution networks available. The Company supports its international bottler network with sophisticated marketing programmes seeking to guarantee the Company's brands are available where anyone is seeking refreshment. Coca-Cola's bottling system is the largest and most widespread production and distribution network in the world.

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