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A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 5: Sponsorship and brand recognition

Coca Cola Great Britain 5 Image 6The relationship Coca-Cola has with sport seeks to advance the development of sport overall. It aims to make sporting competitions possible by supporting events for the participation and pleasure of athletes and spectators.

Coca-Cola has a long history of sports sponsorship including the Olympic Games, football, tennis and Special Olympics. Coca-Cola has been involved with the Olympic Games since 1928. It has been sponsoring the football World Cup since 1978 and is actively involved with the Wimbledon Championships. Coca-Cola's support is at all levels.

In 1993, Coca-Cola became sponsors of The Coca-Cola Cup in England, with Scotland following in 1994. Support is also provided for the English National Football Team and the Scottish International Youth Teams with a grass roots programme for mini-soccer with the Football Association Development Programme. Through sponsorship in leisure activities, Coca-Cola is able to combine the promise of refreshment with a sense of thrill, celebration and passion together with the universal necessity of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Coca-Cola is a global product and can largely be marketed using a global approach, but the Company also engages in national and regional marketing strategies which illustrate a recognition of local and cultural differences. The first advertisement of Coca-Cola was an oil-cloth sign containing the phrase 'Delicious and Refreshing' Now throughout the world, you can see Coca-Cola advertised in the cinema, on TV, on posters and in magazines.

Coca Cola Great Britain 5 Image 5The Coca-Cola Company's overall advertising strategy is summed up by the phrase 'Think Global, Act Local' Some campaigns are designed for worldwide use and others developed for individual markets. In some cases a product is developed for local consumption, such as Lilt in Great Britain and Ireland.

The 'Always Coca-Cola' campaign theme has been used worldwide to reinforce the universality of the brand which is 'always' there. However, different advertisements are also made for each market. This enables Coca-Cola to choose the most relevant advertisements for its consumers and to choose how and when they should appear.

In Great Britain, for example, where football is a national passion, 'Eat Football, Sleep Football, Drink Coca-Cola' is a massively successful advertising campaign reinforcing the link between Coca-Cola and football while continuing the brand's support of the game and fans.

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