Improving the performance of manufacturers
A Confederation of British Industry case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Confederation Of British Industry 5 Image 7The distinction between manufacturing and services is therefore becoming blurred through service additions such as after-sales maintenance contracts, delivery, leases and finance options.

Many non-core activities, such as delivery of finished goods and logistics have been transferred from the manufacturers to specialised service providers. This also creates a strong and interdependent relationship between the sectors.

Manufacturing is vital to trade but can only realise its potential if it can embrace change and benchmark against best practice. This study emphasises the importance of manufacturing industries within the UK and the close ways in which they work with the service sector.

In a global marketplace where UK manufacturing companies face the full brunt of overseas competition, they can only succeed by being as good as the best within each market.  

Confederation of British Industry | Improving the performance of manufacturers