Sustainable business at Corus
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Steel is 100% recyclable and can be used time and time again with no loss of quality.

Corus is the UK's biggest steel manufacturer and employs nearly 50,000 people in 40 countries. It is the eighth largest steel maker in the world with an annual turnover of nearly £10 billion. Corus has major steelworks in the UK at various locations including Port Talbot, Scunthorpe, Teesside and Rotherham.

Steel making is a very competitive business. In 2004, Corus launched a programme called 'Restoring Success', which aims to give the company a lead over rivals in efficient production. This programme focuses on eliminating wasteful activities and ensuring efficient production. A key part of this is an emphasis on recycling steel. Through its strong recycling credentials, Corus stands out from its rivals as a responsible business that is committed to sustainable development.

steel is at the heart of todays global economyThe world economy is growing at a staggering rate. New economies in India and China, each with more than a billion people, have joined the global trading system. This means that the demand for resources such as metal has grown significantly. Steel is a metal that lies at the heart of our industrial system, providing the structure and raw material for a vast range of products.

Steel possesses one specific quality that makes it superior to many other metals - it is 100% recyclable and can be used time and time again with no loss of quality.

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