Online connectivity to meet stakeholder needs
A Cummins case study

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The Internet has transformed many lives, giving people ready access to a wealth of information, worldwide instant communications, and the power to buy and sell goods and services online from their PCs.

Intelligent organisations have seized this opportunity to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders online, including their shareholders, suppliers, customers and employees. This Case Study illustrates how Cummins, a leading worldwide business-to-business organisation is harnessing web-based communications to drive the business forward by making the company easier and better to work with in a highly competitive market.

Cummins is a large multinational enterprise with an annual global turnover of around $6 billion, serving customers in over 130 countries and employing over 23,000 staff. It is primarily involved in the Business to Business (B2B) sector of the economy i.e. providing diesel engines, power systems and related components for other manufacturers and businesses. These include:

  • low emission diesel engines for trucks, buses, construction and mining equipment, tractors, boats and trains
  • high performance turbochargers, filtration and exhaust systems for diesel engines
  • high efficiency electrical power plants, generator sets, power electronics and alternators.

In the service sector Cummins distributes and services engines. The Cummins Power Generation part of the business operates power rental and energy supply services.

Communications play a key role because Cummins is:

  • a large company dealing through a complex array of delivery partners
  • geographically spread out to be closer/more responsive to the local customer base
  • a large scale employer of people with diverse backgrounds located around the world
  • a modern high-tech company in a fast-moving business environment.

The company vision is 'Making people's lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins'. This vision is communicated throughout the organisation.

The web plays a vital role in helping the company's business entities and regional organisations pull in the same direction to deliver this.

Cummins recognises the sources of success. It acknowledges the contribution that comes from investing in the best product technology so as to exceed customer expectations by being first to market with the best products. Equally important, however, is Cummins investment in its own employees and the support it provides to its customers.

Cummins | Online connectivity to meet stakeholder needs