Powering forward with a new vision
A Cummins case study

Page 3: Implementing change

Successful management of change involves moving an organisation and its employees forward from one way of doing things to a more positive approach. Ideally, everyone within the organisation needs to understand and accept the need for change, and a widespread consultation process needs to be put in place to identify ways of moving the organisation and its culture forward.

In creating a process of change at Cummins, the intention was to build on aspects that were successful, while at the same time create a vision, mission and set of values that would move the organisation forward with a more dynamic culture.

The vision of the organisation sets out an inspirational view of what the organisation is seeking to achieve. The values of the organisation are the key beliefs, setting out the qualities that it values and the principles by which it is guided.

Cummins | Powering forward with a new vision


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