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Page 4: Core products

The following products comprise DHL’s core business products in the international express delivery industry:

  • Dhl 2 Image 4DOX Worldwide Document Express - an express international door-to-door delivery service for documents and non-dutiable items weighing up to 50kg per piece and 250kg per shipment.
  • WPX Worldwide Parcel Express - an express international delivery service for dutiable and declarable goods of up to 50kg per piece and 250kg per shipment.
  • EUX European Union Express – a next day, door-to-door delivery service for documents and goods to the EU.
  • WorldMail An international business mail service. It provides a simple and cost-effective method for UK companies to send large quantities of mail to the rest of the world.
  • Import Express A convenient and flexible inbound door-to-door delivery service of freight from 37 countries into the UK.

Complementary Services

In addition to its core products, DHL has a range of complementary services such as customer automation, export assistance, insurance services, help desks, weekend collections and deliveries. In order to maximise the quality of its service, DHL has invested heavily in information technology. Examples of some of these services are:

  • EasyShip Designed for high volume customers, this comprehensive kit produces airwaybills (documents required for sending goods by air), as well as management reports for customers which can be linked into DHL’s international data network to access shipment transit details.
  • EDI Through Electronic Data Interchange, customers are now linked to DHL. This transmits and receives information electronically rather than using paperwork to increase efficiency, reduce inventories, speed up deliveries and improve cash flow.
  • Internet/World Wide Web Service for International Shippers Recently (April 1996) DHL enhanced its home page ( on the World Wide Web (WWW) section of the Internet, to include world-wide tracking of shipments and regularly updated news about the network’s operations in more than 220 countries.

To track a shipment, a customer need only enter the shipment’s 10 digit airwaybill number and country of origin. The screen will then display the date and time of delivery, along with the name of the person who signed for receipt of the shipment. For shipments in transit, the screen will detail the shipment status and the various scan points throughout the shipment’s journey.

To provide details on the latest global activities and service enhancements of the DHL Worldwide Express network, a new section, “DHL News” has also been added to the site. This section features DHL news releases from around the world, with information on global network expansion, new products and company announcements.

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