Building the future of English football
A Football Association case study

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Page 5: EValuating sponsorship

The Football Association 6 Image 2Current research shows that around 80% of all adults watch football on television on a regular basis, with a profile matching the population. Importantly, it is part of daily life as latest incidents, results, team performances, transfers, sackings and Cup draws are discussed.

In terms of participation, there are now more registered players in the UK than when England won the World Cup in 1966. As regards the next generation, a recent survey found that a colossal 90% of school aged boys played football and more girls are playing than ever before.

Attendances at League Football have also increased annually since 1986 and TV audiences regularly feature in 'Top Ten' programmes of any year. There are also signs that the 'traditional' male dominance of football is changing. Many women are interested in football as viewers and this trend is reflected in participation. This is a new market and in significant growth: women's football is the fastest growing participation sport in the country.

In the distant past companies involved with football sold beer, cars,  tools, razors - the future will see different companies, brands or products becoming famous through their association with women's football.

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