London 2012 - achieving the vision
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Page 2: The vision

A vision is an idealised picture set out in words. It gives everyone involved in a venture or project the same view of what is to be achieved. Directors or owners of an organisation set a vision to provide a clear direction for its activities. The vision for London 2012 is: 'to use the power of the Games to inspire change' . LOCOG wants to inspire change in lots of different ways. It wants to demonstrate that the London 2012 Games are about:

  • more than sport they will include culture, education, the environment and programmes with wider benefits. For example, through a series of major projects linked to the cultural Olympiad . This is a programme of events in, for example, art, sport or music.
  • more than London the benefits and excitement from the Games will be felt across the UK and around the world. London 2012 expects to have around 7,000 direct supplier contracts. These will form supply chains and provide around 75,000 business and education opportunities
  • being fully accessible to everyone
  • upholding the Olympic and Paralympic Values of friendship, excellence, respect, inspiration, determination, courage and equality.

London and the UK as a whole will benefit from hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Economically, East London is being transformed. Thousands of new jobs are being created in the Olympic Park alone. Jobs and training opportunities will be available for local people and across the UK. Local residents are engaged in the planning of the Games and the benefits the project will bring afterwards.

There are also a wealth of benefits to the wider community, such as cross-city transport improvements in London and the chance for a wide range of businesses to be involved. The Games will also leave a legacy of national benefits in the areas of culture, sport, volunteering, business and tourism.

The vision therefore sets out to be inclusive. The message is that everyone can be part of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The London 2012 vision will help people to understand that the Games are more than just a six-week event. What happens in the four years leading up to the Games and what takes place afterwards is just as important as the Olympic and Paralympic events taking place during the summer of 2012.

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