Growing a brand through portfolio management
A Masterfoods case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Masterfoods 4 Image 1Branding provides consumers with an assurance that they are purchasing a product they like and can rely on. When faced with competition from own label brands, strong branding can foster loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

The new Dolmio product portfolio provided consumers with many new ways to enjoy pasta. Success or failure can only really be judged with reference to the original objectives. Intensive consumer research by Dolmio provided the basis for the brand relaunch to represent a new way of looking at the pasta sauce market. Extending the brand involved targets for the sales growth of Dolmio and growth in market share to extend market leadership.

Dolmio has indeed returned to growth with considerable increases in value and volume figures, providing fresh impetus to the sector and growth in all markets. However, the process does not stop there. Innovation and new product development are a continuous process. In 1998, Dolmio continued with innovation and launched a new range of ‘Delizioso’ cooking sauces. These unique products satisfy consumer need, extend the Dolmio brand and consolidate market position.

Masterfoods | Growing a brand through portfolio management


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