Vision, values and their influence on business strategy
A National Express case study

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National Express 19 1If you have travelled by road recently it is highly likely that you will have seen the familiar sight of a National Express coach. As the UK’s largest scheduled coach operator, National Express has more than 520 vehicles, covering around 84 million miles to reach nearly 1,000 destinations across England, Scotland and Wales each year.

As well as providing regular, scheduled coach services. National Express is the official transport provider for Wembley Stadium, with  services to all major music festivals and different sporting events across the UK. Taking around a quarter of all Glastonbury Festival ticket holders to the site in 2015.   

As part of the wider National Express Group, its ALSA brand is also Spain's leading operator of coach and bus services. Every day, students across the US and Canada go to school on the iconic yellow school buses, operating in 36 US states and four Canadian provinces. There are also rail and bus operations in Germany, Morrocco, Bahrain and elsewhere in England and Scotland. Founded in 1974, National Express is a major player in the international market, employing over 42,000 people worldwide.

This case study explores National Express’ overall business strategy and shows how its Youth Promise initiative supports the companies vision and values.

National Express | Vision, values and their influence on business strategy


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