The power of love
A Nestlé case study

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Page 5: The creative insight - the original "Power of Love" story

The task set for the creative team was to produce a campaign that was talked about as much as TV programmes. The team came up with the novel idea of producing a sequence or series of adverts with an interesting storyline. At the time television viewers in the UK showed an avid interest in a number of upmarket 'soaps,' such as Dallas and Dynasty. There was also another important upmarket series called Moonlighting which featured two highly competitive stars who were clearly 'meant for each other.' However, something always conspired to keep them apart. It was a sophisticated romance with a theme that appealed immensely to the women who were to be the target of the Gold Blend series. The 'sophisticated romance' became the campaign theme and featured two central characters, Tony and Sharon, who were not only attracted to each other, but also shared a common appreciation of the finer things in life, including Nescafé Gold Blend.

The other original element was that each episode ended with a cliff-hanger, leaving the viewer wanting to know what happened next. Just as TV companies advertise future episodes with trailers and press advertisements, this campaign was to be conducted in the same way. In the days before the second episode, small black and white press ads appeared in the TV listings pages, therefore creating widespread media interest in the popular press.