Who dares wins success through intelligent risk


A story of global success No study of business success in the twentieth century would be complete without mentioning Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is the product which perhaps best exemplifies global marketing. The Coca-Cola trademark is recognised by 94 per cent of the earth’s population and Coca-Cola is the second most universally understood phrase after OK. It is not only instantly recognisable but it can be found almost anywhere from petrol stations and shops in Central Africa, to small villages in mountainous areas on all five continents. The first Coca-Cola was developed according to legend, by Dr. John Styth Pemberton in a three-legged brass pot in his backyard. If you look at the first outdoor advertisement for Coca-Cola which appeared in the nineteenth century you can see that the company is based on a core strength which has an enduring quality. Coca-Cola is ‘delicious and refreshing’. This theme has been a key feature of advertising for the drink ever since and more recently the message was that ‘Coke is the real thing’ i.e. anything else which purports to be similar, is at best, simply a pale imitation. The Coca-Cola Company has a number of important soft drinks products the most well known…

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