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3 actionable steps to cut back on common office expenses

In the business world that depends on an uncertain economy, every dollar saved matters a lot. Thus, even the smallest increase in your profit or reduction in your costs can impact your business budget.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to go above and beyond to cut down on your business expenses. Sometimes, even the smallest changes in the office can help you reduce your costs. By simply saving a few dollars here and there, you can efficiently increase your net profits a lot.

No idea where to start? Here are 3 actionable steps to take to cut back on the most common office expenses:

1.      Cut down on supply expenses

First things first, you need to be aware that one of the highest costs for your office is paying for the supplies. From pens to pencils to paper, staplers, files and folders, envelopes, paper clips, you name it, these are all standard office supplies needed. And, while taken separately, the costs seem unimportant, when put together, it can cost your business a lot of money.

Now, you can’t merely stop purchasing these supplies. You can, however, contact your vendors and let them know that you are price shopping. This way, you may be getting a discount and save a few bucks. If not, find other vendors that can beat traditional office supply vendor prices.

2.      Go digital

It’s 2020; every office should have gone digital by now. However, if you haven’t so far, now it’s time to do it. And does your office need hard copies of everything when everything happens online today? Reliance on hard copies is an outdated and unsafe idea anyway. So, you may want to consider going paperless. From using digital data back-up to giving your employees computers and investing in software to complete their tasks, going digital will not only help you save money but also boost efficiency and productivity in the office.

Apart from going paperless, several revolutionary technologies can help you save money in the office. For example, think about how much your business pays for facility uses. Considering only the amount of water your office uses, that surely costs you some good money monthly. Yet, by installing commercial bathroom sensor faucets in your office bathrooms, for example, you can reduce the amount of water used and, obviously, the bill costs for this facility.

3.      Power down when you can

The electricity bill is usually another significant expense for any office. From computers to lighting, printers, copiers, or fax machines being turned on for at least 8 hours every day, that inevitably results in a huge electric bill. And even when left in sleep or standby mode, those electronics are still adding to your electricity bill. So, make sure that you ask your employees not only to shut down those electronics when not in use but also to unplug them during the weekend, for example.

As for the heating and cooling bills, which are another significant expense for your office, consider insulating the office better to prevent hot or cold air from going through the walls.

These 3 steps are a great way to start cutting down on your everyday office expenses. Use them for your office, and you’ll see that in the long term, they help you save a lot of money. 

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