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5 best business ideas for startup in New York city

It is agreeable that to be your own boss is the most thrilling and appealing lifestyle. Especially when you are living in the most happening city of the world; New York City. For ages, NYC has been known for being the hub of finance, health care, and e-commerce. But now the world is changing and so the NYC where many new startups are taking birth and making a name.

For example, Foursquare, Pymetrics, Shutterstock, Tumblr, Glossier and Meetup were all a simple startup in NYC. With the latest technologies and talents, starting a startup in such a city is not difficult but to continue it is one fine challenge. Therefore, today we are going to evaluate the top 5 business ideas for startups in New York that can work.

Well, being honest an online poker in New York will also work magnificently. New York gambling laws have never outlawed online gambling and it is expected soon it will be completely legalized. Therefore, a startup related to online gambling and poker can also go a long way folks, in a city like New York.

Home Made Organic Food Services

The world is changing and so do the people living in it. Now everyone desires to eat organic foods and prefer it over junk foods. Therefore, if you have the capital to start an organic home-cooked food service in a city such as New York than it will succeed for sure.To capitalize on this business idea, if you can provide food delivery directly to their offices than it can be best in your favor.

Car Wash Services – Pick and Drop Style

People living in New York mostly have no time to drop their kids to school. So imagine how such people can have time to go for a car wash service? To open up a startup, you can offer pick and drop car wash services. All you have to do is pick a car from its location, give a perfect wash to it and then drop the vehicle back to its location.

Online Handyman Service Provider

It is sometimes difficult to search for a perfect handyman, especially in NYC and then ask them to work for you. To make life easier, offer online handyman service. People can easily place an order online for a specific handyman and you sent the perfect man for the job at their doorstep.

Babysitting, Elder Care and Dog Walking Services

There are separate centers for babysitting and eldercare. But to capitalize on a niche, you can offer daycare and elder care services together at the same place. Even people nowadays don’t have enough time to walk their dogs, so you can also provide dog walking services.

Exclusive Translation Services

In NYC, you can find different businesses that have different target markets and hence their services have to be translated into that specific language. If you have the expertise and a team who are good at translating in foreign languages than start your own translating service business.


There are several other startup options too but these are phenomenal choices to start a fresh new business in a city like New York. There are high chances of business survival and profit earning.

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