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5 Must do things to improve the SEO of a new website

improve the SEO of a new website
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Creating a new website and getting it off the ground needs a lot of attention. It may stem from an idea or a passion for something that you want to share, so you decide to set up a website. A website gives information and offers something that visitors want to see. For example, it could be a magazine or news site; or one that sells a product. Today everyone looks to the internet for everything. If one wants to buy something or go somewhere, there is a high probability that one will search online for it. And if the search is for something that you offer, then you will want to feature on their search list. SEO or search engine optimization is crucial for this. According to the research of leading SEO agencies in Ireland, Ireland SEO and PRO SEO Ireland, their findings show that most search engine rankings come from good offsite SEO complimenting good onsite SEO. Here are five things that need to be done, to improve the SEO of a new website.

Good content

Create good content to post on your website. The content is one thing that will make the visitors stay on your website. Getting viewers to visit is one thing, but getting them to stay is another. A very important and basic means to make them stay longer is the content. Make it engaging and relevant to today’s needs. For example, a lifestyle website needs to publish articles on various topics – from home décor to beauty and trends. The pictures would need to be eye-catchy and the information you give must hold some interest for the visitors. The language used, along with good grammar and relevant topics can make for an interesting read. Thus, ensuring that viewers want to visit your site.

Quality guest posts

Getting a good guest post or multiple is a sure-shot way to improve your SEO. It will not only make your DA better but also help in search ranking. What is a guest post you ask? It involves posting some content, like an article, on topics relevant to your site, on a different website. You also include a link to your website, so people who visit the posting site can be redirected to yours. But it isn’t for the redirects that one gets a guest post. It is for the ranking and domain authority. The more your site links to other better websites, your site’s trust value increases. But it is important to remember that you need to post on quality sites, not just any website without a proper DA or ranking.

Directory submissions

Submit your site to free directory websites to improve rankings on search engines like Google, and Yahoo. A directory listing is one place where you get a list of businesses or sites that you are looking for. As an example, think of a telephone directory, it has almost all numbers in use. These sites make a search easier for people who are looking for your website or business. So, if someone searches for, let’s say artists in an area, a directory listing will show up and if you have listed yourself there, the viewer will see it. Submitting your website to a directory is an excellent idea.

Social media

Today it is all about promotion and one of the easiest ways to promote your website is through social media. Twitter handles or a Facebook business page helps in reaching a wide audience all over the world. And everyone is on social media these days, so it may be a good idea to showcase your website online. This helps in generating awareness about your website and interest in your content.

Collaboration with other bloggers

Collaboration is a method through which you get together with other bloggers and talk about each other’s sites. A blogger can mention your website in their blogs and promote it indirectly. You can do the same or have some sort of a monetary arrangement. A popular blogger can have millions of subscribers and if they mention your website, you are sure to get at least some visitors through their blogs.

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