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5 things businesses need know exhibiting

If your business is going to be heading to some sort of exhibition in the future, then you’ve got to be prepared. You would be shocked at how many businesses turn up to exhibitions and find themselves ill-prepared for the day ahead.

They might not have the right information about where their booth is. Or they might not have the right materials printed for their exhibition stand. They may even forget to have a goal for the exhibition or know how to measure success. In this article, we’re going to lay down the top five things that every single business needs to know before heading to an exhibition.

1. Know what your Objective is at the Exhibition

Of course, the first item on the list is knowing what you want to get out of the exhibition. What are the main goals that you have? What do you want to walk away with? What kinds of contacts should you be making while at the exhibition?

Now, this is going to vary greatly depending on what kind of exhibition you find yourself at. If you are at a recruiting exhibition to find some new talent for your company, then you should have the goal of reaching out to great candidates. Or, if it’s an exhibition to show off your products to potential investors, then you’re going to want to get some meetings set up with some investors. Get those goals in mind and you’ll find success.

2. Put some Serious Work into your Exhibition Stand

Having a great exhibition stand is where you’re going to really impress the crowd and meet your goals. Here are some things to think about when putting together your stand:

  • Make sure to have plenty of signs around that show your presence to those walking around. They need to know you’re there!
  • Bring tons of business cards
  • Run a contest for those who are walking around
  • Do a giveaway of some sort
  • Make sure that you have plenty of visuals
  • Hand out information sheets about your company

Also, don’t skimp on a cheap looking booth. Work with a specialised company to create a nice booth for you. The exhibition stands from expressexhibitiondisplays.co.uk are affordable and are perfect for any kind of industry. Make sure you pick a reputable company with a solid track record and years in the business that will be attentive to your needs and objectives.

3. Know how you’re Going to Measure Success from the Exhibition

You should have a definitive measure of success when you get to your exhibition. Maybe your idea of success is getting tons of names/email addresses added to your Excel sheet. Or maybe you want to get a couple of meetings set up in your calendar with some investors. No matter what, put that measure of success in your mind and run towards it with everything you have.

4. Define who is a Qualified Lead and who is not Worth your Time

No matter what kind of exhibition you go to, there are qualified leads and unqualified leads. These are the people who are either going to be great for your time or those who might not have the qualifications you’re looking for. Be sure to define that before you get started.

5. Make Sure your Stand Shows off what your Company is and What You Do

Lastly, you want to ensure that your stand properly shows off what your company is all about and what you do. Don’t create a stand that just doesn’t feel right for your company. This is the real first impression you’re going to give to those walking around the stands.

Going to an exhibition is something that every single business is going to do at least once. These are the top things that you’ve got to keep in mind. If you do that and you remember to have goals, a measure of success, and an amazing exhibition stand, then you’re going to be fully prepared to take on this exhibition.




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