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Outdoor corporate events inspiration for increasing sales during the warmer months

When the dark winter nights are over and the sun comes out to play that is normally the cue for consumers to come out in force, which is why it make sense to try and take advantage of that positive vibe and create some outdoor events that improve your chances of boosting sales.

Here is a look at some ways to embrace some positive and profitable promotional techniques for outdoor events, including an obvious but popular corporate event that can raise your profile, plus some other ideas that should help you win over new and existing customers.

A large target market

There are well over 25 million golfers picking up their clubs on a regular basis at various places throughout the country and whether it is a local event or you get involved in a professional tournament with some form of sponsorship, this is an executive target market that is hard to ignore.

If you looking for an event promotion idea and want to find an opportunity that appeals to a wide audience on a social as well as a sporting platform, golf events are a reasonably safe bet.

You can choose from a range of options that vary from sponsoring a hole to providing refreshments and entertainment, where you get a chance to talk with guests in a relaxed atmosphere.

Party in the park

Another great way of creating a relaxed and positive atmosphere that should reflect positively on your business is to get involved with a concert or some sort of performing art event at your local park venue.

There are several ways you can get involved in this type of event. You will find that many city park districts have a program of entertainment and cultural events that run throughout the summer months, so you could sponsor a BBQ or drink stand rather than providing the main entertainment.

Live music or something else going on that pulls in the crowds can only be good for creating a ready-made audience that you can take advantage when you get your business involved in the festivities in some way.

A fast route to good customer relations

If you are organizing a corporate event and have an idea that a number of your customers and contacts are big fans of motor speedway events there are lots of entertainment options available.

Motor speedway events always offer a range of private facilities you can hire out that are designed to suit all budgets.

You might decide you want to hire out a suite or meeting facility to give your guests a top-class track experience. Even if you use the facilities on a non-race day, it will be a popular alternative to a more traditional meeting environment.

The venue is only part of it

It pays to remember that you can invest heavily in putting your business in the spotlight at a high-profile or popular event but you need to make the most of your opportunity once you have a captive audience.

If you are hosting a stand that is amongst others also attending, the trick is to employ some tactics to help you to stand out from the crowd.

It often pays to invest in large signage (check what size is permitted before you have it made) and work on creating some strong graphics that attract attention and draw people to your stand.

If you are at a family-orientated outdoor event it can be a winning move to attract extra traffic by hiring an entertainer or magician to keep people there and put a smile on the kids faces, all of which helps to reinforce a positive perception of your business.

Food and drink

If you are at a temporary outdoor event, food and drink is always a bit of a no-brainer option to attract people to your booth.

The aroma of coffee or tasty food are always a lure to draw people in and while they are enjoying some refreshment you get the perfect chance to talk with them and introduce your business to new customers in a less intrusive and more relaxed way.

Don’t forget the nation’s favorite pastime

If you want to make the most of the summer months and need to try and ensure that your marketing budget is spent on something that is almost certain to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, baseball fits the bill.

There is no end of possibilities for entertaining large or small groups of people so you can either rent out a suite at baseball event, organize a picnic party, or do anything else that gets you in the spotlight at a sporting event that features the game that is part of our DNA.

Summer is always a great time of the year so make the most of the chance to create a positive impression and boost your business.

Hi There, I’m Chris Trembath, the design manager of Dynamic Gift in Australia. With a decade of experience in the promotional industry, I am well versed in all things marketing and have seen every kind of promotional scenario from the high end corporate to the downright wacky. I love the branding industry and I am always available to help out with marketing a brand, when not at the office I enjoy wake boarding, Crossfit and getting outdoors as much as possible.

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