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6 Fun Activities to Keep Your Sanity While In Quarantine

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This whole pandemic business has been a pain for everyone on all fronts. The whole crackdown on public interaction and gatherings has been an absolute burden. We humans, after all, are highly social beings and function better when we’re around each other.

It is, however, a necessary step to keep away from everyone in the meantime to keep each other virus-free. With the infection showing no signs of stopping, we have to adapt. Although we may be social beings, we humans also pride ourselves on our great survival skills.

As COVID-19 continues to ravage outside, let’s make the most of this time to stay indoors. Things are not as bad as you would think they are. Just think of it this way: you’re not under quarantine, you’re just having a well deserved extended vacation. So sit back, grab a fresh mimosa, and enjoy this line up of fun things you can do while in quarantine mode.

Be a Master Chef

Food is the most basic essential need people have. But food does not only need to be a source of sustenance. It can also be a source of great joy for your taste buds and a sense of pride for your cooking skills.

What better time to explore those dusty Julia Child cookbooks you have lying around in your bookshelf? Try your hand at all those scrumptious and succulent dishes you keep seeing on TV or online. Mix and match recipes and create your own. You’ll never know, you might make something great and get featured in your own cookbook.

Just keep a steady stock of ingredients and spices so you’ll have a variety to work with. Don’t fret, you’re doing it at home. The only people who will judge you will be your loving family. We all know that they will always be a little biased in your favor.

Blockbuster Bonding

You don’t have to be dressed to the nines to enjoy a movie in a cinema. You don’t even need to have a huge and dedicated home theatre set-up to have the perfect movie-watching experience in your own home.

If you’re having some needed alone time, a good phone and earphones would suffice. You can use a laptop or monitor and enjoy that by yourself or share it with your sweet lover. If you’re gearing for a more immersive experience, try upgrading it to your flat-screen TV or an HD projector.

As they say, it’s all about the atmosphere. Crank that AC up, turn all the lights down, and bring on your snacks from your personalized concession stand. It doesn’t even have to be a movie. You can watch a telenovela, follow-up on your favorite TV show, or just watch plain old make-up tutorials with heavy drama on YouTube.

Netflix And Chill

It must be great when you and your partner can just get comfortable in the bedroom or on your living room couch. Being cooped up in your house or apartment might even be a nice change from the regular chaos of your daily routine. This is the perfect time to get steamy and sexy with each other. After all, sexy time with your loved one is a basic need we all have to satisfy.

Without having to think about schedules and prior engagements, this is the best time to get it going and explore each other’s bodies. Spice it up and get your juices flowing with new techniques you always wanted to explore.

Try all those kinky positions you’ve read on the internet and surprise each other. Having a complete list of awesome sex positions would mean that you care. Show your partner that their pleasure is still your number 1 priority.

Unleash Your Inner You

These days, a healthy body is worth more than gold. Make sure you keep yours in tip-top shape and boost your immunity. Read up on the best exercise routines that work best for you in quarantine. Being healthy doesn’t mean it has to cost you a lot.

You can do cardio, palates, or yoga in the comfort of your own home. A huge variety of video tutorials online are available for your use. Help yourself to become a better version of yourself.

Game Master

Video games have gone through leaps and bounds to keep us entertained. Regardless if you’re a console buff or a PC savvy, you will have games galore at your disposal. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even stream your gameplay online. This can serve as a lucrative sideline or even be a fulltime job.

If you’re into classic games, you can enjoy the best board games with your family endlessly. Games like Uno and monopoly are timeless in themselves. They will offer your hours of fun and give you time to bond with each other.

Welcome To My Vlog

You don’t need to have a great rig and expensive videotaping equipment to make your very own vlog. With technologies available on your phone, you can already start your own vlog and find success if you’re smart. Be creative and take advantage of all your extra time to build your vlogging reputation.


This time away from our outdoor friends and connections should not be taken as a bad thing. Take this as an opportunity to rebuild yourself while enjoying the pleasures of having a break. Be creative and flexible in entertaining yourself and you may even find options to make money off the experience.

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