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The Great Challenges of Professional Nurses During the Pandemic

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Nurses are medical professionals who provide patient care. The profession embraces a set of values that aim to promote patient care quality. It thrives on improving the set of standards and the use of methodologies that lead to outstanding daily nursing practices.  However, these nurse professionals today face a great challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The battle against the pandemic is an ongoing crisis happening in all corners of the world. Some states or countries may not have experienced the same struggle as others, but the same threat continues to frighten everyone around the globe.

During this pandemic, professional nurses serve as the frontliners. They sit on the front desk to do the screening. They attend to critically ill patients and regularly carry out triage protocols. Communicating with the patients’ families and taking care of the dying is what they do every day. Read on below the different challenges nurses face on a day-to-day basis.

Putting Life at Risk

One of the greatest fears you might have is when you do things and are completely aware of the danger ahead of you. That makes you an extraordinary risk-taker, and that’s what the professional nurses do. Nurses still report to work executing their tasks to the patients every day. They aren’t forced to do so, but it’s the responsibility included on the oath they took.

The moment that nurses decided to take a risk to do their job in the middle of the pandemic, it’s a manifestation of courage and dedication towards their profession. Some people who don’t possess these qualities tend to be quitters at the end of the day. However, to those willing to take a challenge, success awaits them at the end of the line.

Hospitals provide medical services for patients of various age groups with different health problems. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of people going to hospitals increases every day. Many people got infected by the virus and are now in the medical facilities for continuous medication and treatment.

Working as a nurse in the hospital looks so scary, especially during this pandemic. However, nurses never attempted to turn their backs and left the patients for their sake. They could have left the hospital and went home, but they chose to stay and help infected people who need care and attention the most.

Choosing other people’s sake over oneself is an act of heroism. Nurses are as they continue to serve as front liners despite being exposed to a fat chance of getting infected.

Away from Family and Loved Ones

COVID-19 pandemic has various effects on many people worldwide. Aside from the fear it brings, it also makes your world small. You might feel alone and confined because your social life today is far different from what you used to have.

Another challenge nurses are facing right now is being away from their families and loved ones. For being exposed to many sickly people in the hospital surrounded by various COVID-19 patients, if it’s risky for you, so much more for your children, spouse, parents, and even your close friends and colleagues.

Being away from people whom you feel loved is so difficult to bear every day. It’s not just for a single day, but a couple of weeks and months. However, the influence of technology will somehow help lessen the pain when you miss those people. The social media platform is on the rescue to connect people via calling using voice and video, and by exchanging messages through chats.

It’s undeniably hard to be in this situation for so long. However, professional nurses are able to bear it to continue fighting against the pandemic’s battle in performing their roles and duties of saving people’s lives every day.

Giving Up on Personal Life

The pandemic might give you the challenge to choose between doing what you need to do or doing what you want to do. It’s between your obligation and the things you please. The choice is hard, especially the world today is in the critical health crisis.

The nurses work as the frontliners face the challenge of choosing one between these two options. As mentioned above, professional nurses take the risk of going to work. They also give up almost all of their personal life.

Some hospitals are so strict, giving their employees some limitations on what they can do outside. The restriction is to help their employees avoid catching the virus. Since nurses are the frontliners who personally attend to the patients’ needs, they must be of perfect health. Instead of going to the most frequented spots, they choose to stay at home. They give up their personal life to continue giving service to patients who need them the most.

Moreover, due to the spike in the number of COVID-19 cases, hospitals need more doctors, nurses and other people in the medical field. Hence, professional nurses need to work extended hours beyond their schedule because of the insufficient staff.


Being a nurse is a critical job. It’s more than just dressing up with a white uniform. The profession also shoulders a responsibility as a catalyst for promoting high-quality patient care. Today, the COVID-19 pandemic brings them a great challenge to face every day. However, they still choose to perform their role in the community despite the threat of the virus.

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