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How to disinfect your home during the Coronavirus outbreak

We are living in dangerous times now. The Coronavirus has already taken many lives and has infected even more. The only way to keep ourselves safe in isolation. But we also have to keep ourselves and our home clean.

During this situation, we have to think of the best ways to sanitize our homes. This is an important aspect as it will keep us and our loved ones safe in our times of need. For this, we asked the good people from Lola Cleaners, a cleaning company from London, for some advice and they were good enough to provide us with their expert insight.

Clean Surfaces

The best way to start is to clear all the surfaces. It does not require so much. A cleaning product or some soap mixed with water is more than enough. You should do this on all surfaces of course but concentrate on the ones that you touch the most. This includes door handles, light switches, phones, desks, and faucets.


Disinfecting your living area is a major part of this case. This will keep you and everybody safe. You can do it by using some bleach and diluting it in some water. Also, you can use an alcohol solution of at least 70%. Household cleaners and disinfectants are also a good method to fight off the virus in your home.

Follow the instructions on the products you are using. But make sure to keep the surface that you have applied the solutions wet for a few minutes so it kills all the germs.

Soft Surfaces

Soft surfaces are not as easily cleaned in this situation as others. But they provide the same problem as the other ones do. Germs can easily get infested in your rug, for example, and you have to make sure to clean them away.

You can brush everything with soap and some water. Also, use a household disinfectant when you are finished brushing everything away in order to make sure that everything is highly cleaned.


Your clothes can also be affected by this sort of situation. Cleaning them regularly is really important. If you are using your washing machine you can put everything together and use the warmest setting in combination with your regular cleaner that you are using. Make sure to dry all the items completely when the machine is done cleaning them.


Use a trash bag in your trash bin and handle it with gloves. Don’t let it pile up and remove it as much as possible. If you happen to have an ill person you should have separate trash for the items that they are disposing of.

Wash Your Hands

Finally, the most important and the soundest advice is to keep your hands clean. Wash them as often as you can and especially if you go out. Also, make sure to wash them after you finish cleaning. Do not touch your face until you wash your hands and everything will be alright.  

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