Corporate Social Responsibility
An Amway case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means businesses and organisations working responsibly and contributing positively to the communities they operate in. It involves working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to improve their quality of life. Companies that operate in a socially responsible way strengthen their reputations. In business, reputation is...
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Page 2: Growth and responsibility

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An understanding of how Amway operates as an organisation gives a clearer picture of the contribution it can make to help children in need across the globe. Amway's vision is to help people live better lives. It does this every day by providing a low-cost low-risk business opportunity based on selling quality products. What does Amway do? Amway distributes a range of branded products. These...
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Page 3: Developing a strategy

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A strategy is an organisational plan. Implementing a strategy involves putting that plan into action. In other words a strategy shows how a business will achieve its goals. The strategy thus enables an organisation to turn its values into action. Values are what a company stands for. An important value for Amway is being a caring company. Amway believes in demonstrating this caring approach and...
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Page 4: Identifying stakeholders

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Amway's Corporate Social Responsibility strategy has been developed with the interests of all its stakeholders in mind:
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Page 5: Communicating the strategy

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Good, clear communication is essential in making sure that the CSR strategy relates directly to the company business objectives. Communication also helps in putting the strategy into practice. A number of communications media are used: Face-to-face communication: Regular meetings take place between UNICEF, Amway and its IBOs. Through meetings with UNICEF staff, Amway is able to discuss the...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Amway is a family business with family values. Its IBOs are people who want to make a difference to the communities in which they operate and to the wider world community. This is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in action. The clue to Amway's success is the careful planning of its strategy and its involvement with many stakeholders in getting the strategy right. Of course, it is early...
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