Meeting global responsibilities by caring for communities
An Amway case study

Page 0: Introduction

Successful businesses do more than simply provide goods and services for customers. They also make a real contribution to the communities in which they operate.Successful ethical enterprises:create employment and job securityprovide products that give consumers good value for moneycontribute to creating a more caring and cared for community and hence a better world.Amway provides a good example of...
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Page 1: Direct selling and supply chain

A supply chain contains a set of links that bring finished products to end consumers. As a direct selling company, selling consumable products directly to consumers and by-passing the traditional 'retail' or 'high street'. Amway has its own distinct chain, placing a strong emphasis on IBOs who are able to focus on individual customers and their needs. Amway manufactures the majority of its...
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Page 2: Growth

Growth is a major driving force for global businesses. It has to be. Standing still is not a viable option in a world in which competitors are growing by building new links in new countries and markets. Growth brings advantages known as economies of scale. These advantages include being able to spread advertising and marketing costs over much greater volumes of output. This results in lower...
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Page 3: Developing a global strategy

In the same way that Amway has a global strategy for producing, distributing and marketing its products worldwide, its strategy for promoting CSR is also global. Amway defines a global cause as 'a social issue affecting many people around the world engaged in a struggle or a plight that warrants a charitable response.' The company recognises that as a successful enterprise it must build its...
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Page 4: Developing a European strategy

Amway's global campaign for children is called 'OneBYOne'. This illustrates the idea of making a difference in children's lives one step at a time. The campaign is part of an umbrella cause to improve the wellbeing of children worldwide. The campaign name and logo are colourful, cheerful, optimistic and hopeful. The European part of this strategy involves working with UNICEF which is already an...
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Page 5: Conclusion

Amway's 'OneBYOne' campaign provides a good example of the way in which businesses can make a difference in the communities in which they operate. Research showed that Amway's stakeholders are committed to activities which better the lives of families and children. The company has therefore been able to formulate a plan and a well targeted programme to harness the commitment of its people to...
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