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Analysing the Impact of Temperature on Workplace Productivity

Throughout the United Kingdom, employers have long battled with ever-changing weather conditions and their impact on worker efficiency. Interestingly, Resume Target states that rainy days commonly impact employee motivation, with most workers longing to return home to their dry, warm places of residence. However, employers also contend with managing productivity levels throughout both the winter and summer months, each of which significantly influences morale. But, how drastically does temperature affect workplace motivation? 

Sustain Efficiency by Staying Warm 

It’ll come as no secret that cold weather impacts numerous factors, including concentration and motivation. Figures from Myhrtoolkit reflect this, as they show that Redbooth’s productivity dropped during the winter months. Over a four-year period, winter task completion came in at 22.8 per cent, while Autumn figures sat at 27.3 per cent. Irrespective of the season, employees can retain task consistency through staying warm and investing in the best thermal underwear. With engelbert strauss’ line of products, workers can stay warm in this cold weather with either men’s thermal underwear or thermal leggings. Since the late 1940s, the German business has provided industry-friendly workwear to skilled trades professionals, and have done so by combining insulation with safety and style. 

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What Are the Warmest Thermal Underwear? 

In relation to employer desires to sustain workplace productivity, increased insulated men’s thermal underwear products have come to the forefront in recent years. Regarding the warmest on the market, the e.s. functional-long sleeve clima-pro, warm, men’s offers protection against the cold weather. The undershirt incorporates heat-insulating materials and embraces e.s. clima concept WARM. Fascinatingly, this means that the thermal level is dictated to by physical activity.   

Where to Buy Good Thermal Underwear? 

As touched upon above, the thermal market is becoming increasingly competitive. Because of that, there are many places to buy some of the best thermal underwear. At engelbert strauss, aside from their line of insulated men’s products, female consumers can also peruse their range of well-made thermal underwear for women. This diversity and variation, along with the quality of materials used, make them a brand to consider. 

What About the Summer Months? 

Interestingly, during colder weather, Buffer reports that employees made 44 per cent more mistakes when at work than during optimal temperatures. Despite this, it doesn’t mean that workers achieve record levels of productivity during the summer months. Although most look forward to the warmth that comes with the longer, sunnier days, employers may see a dip in performance during this time of the year. Staples report that hot weather can adversely affect productivity by 20 per cent. Not only that, but distractions also increase by 45 per cent. 

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Fascinatingly, the peak temperature before task completion levels begin to drop is believed to be 27 degrees Celsius. Once this figure is surpassed, then productivity can plummet by around four per cent, according to Entrepreneur. To combat this, instead of encouraging thermal gear, loosening existing uniform restrictions could help to maximise summer efficiency. 

Temperature Has a Significant Impact 

As showcased by the above data, various seasons and their respective conditions drastically impact workplace productivity. Ultimately, countering such impacts will prove tricky. That said, uniform-related alterations can help, such as allowing workers to wear the best thermal underwear in colder months and less formal attire in the summer.

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