The recruitment, selection and training of people at Arcadia
An Arcadia case study

Page 1: Introduction

The Arcadia Group Limited is one of the UK's largest fashion retail companies. It employs around 25,000 people and has over 2,000 outlets in the UK. It also has a growing number of stores abroad. The group includes eight major high street brands. Each brand targets its own market segment. In 2002, Philip Green bought Arcadia for £800 million. He changed it from a public limited company...
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Page 2: Recruitment

The success of Arcadia relies on the quality of its employees, such as its store managers and its sales staff. To attract the right applicants the company must have an effective recruitment process. Recruitment occurs both at store level (with each store recruiting its own sales advisors) and centrally. Arcadia's Head Office is using specially designed management development programmes to...
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Page 3: Selection

The selection process for the Retail Management Trainee Programme has two stages: an online application attending an assessment centre. The online application form involves a number of questions. These focus on the competencies required by Retail Management Trainees. Candidates who do well in their answers are invited to an assessment centre. The selection process at the assessment...
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Page 4: Training and development

Recruiting the right people does not guarantee performance. Employees must also be trained effectively. Much of the training at Arcadia is on-the-job and occurs within the stores. Off-the-job training is used for general management skills. The training at Arcadia is linked closely to developing the competencies that the company looks for in its recruits (see section 2). These competencies are...
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Page 5: Educational links

The Arcadia group builds links with schools and supports the Fashion Retail Academy to develop entrepreneurial and retail talent in students. Links with schools and colleges To develop its links with communities and students, Arcadia is a major business partner to 50 secondary schools. It provides both financial and business skills support to each of these schools, to support them in their...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The Arcadia Group is a highly successful retail company. Its success is due to the leadership of Philip Green and the quality of its employees. It has a good programme of recruitment and selection. It has Retail Management Trainee Programmes for school leavers and graduates. On joining Arcadia, employees are given responsibilities early on. They are able to progress quickly in the...
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