Using IT to energise sales and marketing
A Bryant Homes case study

Page 1: Introduction

Information technology is causing fundamental change in almost every organisation and market-place. The effective application of such technologies has become a key resource central to each organisation’s competitive strength. It is capable of setting organisations apart from their competitors allowing them to offer completely new services and products. Organisations face increasing demands...
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Page 2: Use of communication technology

In the housing market, Bryant has been prepared to introduce the latest technologies in order to develop its product, promote the brand and improve its levels of customer service. Such technologies help to: make information more available to the customer provide the accurate and comprehensive information that customers require speed up sales systems make the buying process smoother for...
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Page 3: Promotion through an Intranet

Bryant Homes is a large organisation with developments from Scotland to the south coast. Within Bryant Homes, the 13 regional offices and 120 housing developments struggled to maintain accurate and timely information. To avoid any feeling of isolation, the Intranet was set up and opened a whole new vehicle for communication by linking together all ‘sales centres’ and regional offices...
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Page 4: Benefits of a company website

Use of the Internet has become widespread, as more providers allow people access to the system. Increasingly, before making a major purchase, they use it as a source of information and an opportunity to undertake their own consumer research. Bryant Homes’ website was launched at the Evening Standard Homebuyers Show at Olympia, London in March 1999. It is a useful information source and a...
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Page 5: Website functionality

The website was designed on the same platform as the Intranet and the Bryant Homes’ product portfolio CD-ROM so that integration between the two was easy. The design planning process for the website took two months and the construction process six weeks. Whilst much of the artwork and design was carried out externally, the website was largely an in-house development which involved the IT and...
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Page 6: Conclusion

In the middle of an information revolution, holding or providing information has become a key resource and an opportunity to develop competitive advantage. In the housing industry, the Intranet and Internet have become central to the strength of Bryant Homes in meeting the highly specialised needs of increasingly discerning customers who demand higher standards of customer service. It is also a...
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