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HomeBusiness owners using the lottery to motivate employees

Business owners using the lottery to motivate employees

Keeping employees motivated is an age-old problem. Even the most educated, talented, and skilled employee will eventually face burn-out. While we provide for them a good working environment and fair compensation, they simply reach a point where they lack the motivation to perform.

Identify the problem areas

No single employee is the problem alone. The poor morale of a single employee will bring down the department, The entire department will require attention. The actions of that department affect the people in the departments that work closely with them. That means another department will need attention. In short, if you have people in your company who need motivation, you have a company that needs motivation.

Yesterday vs Today

Money is a good motivator. It worked yesterday and it works today. But the methods chosen to get that money makes all the difference in the world.

Let’s say you run a mechanic shop. This is a dangerous job. Everyone is required to show up in their safety gear. Any time someone shows up for work without their gear they earn a strike. Any time there is an accident in the shop they earn a strike. At the end of the quarter if there are less than 4 strikes they get pizza for lunch. If there are no strikes they each get a $25 dollar gift card. They appreciate it. But after a while, they will not work hard to reach that goal.

Today let’s save some money, shake things up, and get these employees on board. Lottoland brought the Powerball lottery to the UK. Let’s use it to give these people something to work for. For every quarter they go without a safety issue they get a Lotto ticket on the company. A chance to really win some cash! That is no issues. Suddenly employees are looking out for each other. They are keeping each other safe. They motivate each other. You keep it going. Do you have a break room? Put up some posters of Powerball winners. Even people who never played the lottery before will have fun playing. With Lottoland everything can be done online.

Include everyone

You can use this system for people on the sales counter. Are they hitting their quota’s are they processing their invoices on time?  How about your office staff? Are they taking care of their duties and getting the information to the sales team as they should. A little incentive can go a long way.

If your office is large enough or if you have more than one location, set your incentive up as teams. With Lottoland there are plenty of ways to play. Be a sport, purchase a scratch-off for everyone that tried. You might be surprised at how much effort people will put into their work with just a little attention and motivation from the people they work for. Remember, it is not just your customers that keep you in business. it is your employees too.

Know when to stop

Employees love lottery tickets for their incentive bonuses. They like the idea of giving up the chance of winning $25 each to win millions. However, some major corporations have gone too far with this. When your employees are expecting annual raises and their end-of-year bonuses are considered part of their salaries, don’t hand out lottery tickets instead of those earnings. Giving a few people millions of dollars or new cars while the majority get nothing at the end of the year did not fare well for them.

In most cases, Lottoland will be the right answer. It will motivate and pump new life into tired employees. Just be sure to motivate them with the dollars that could be waiting at the next draw!

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