Engaging stakeholders in a business
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

Page 5: Balancing different stakeholder views

Not all stakeholders share the same interests. Cadbury Schweppes listens to its stakeholders and balances their interests with the long-term benefits to the company.

For example, it may be in the shareowners short-term interest to want Cadbury Schweppes to keep all costs to a minimum in order to maximise their near-term return on investment, through profits and dividends.

However, Cadbury Schweppes has a target of 1of pre-tax profits which it invests in communities around the world because it believes it has a responsibility to help build prosperous stable communities where it operates and that this is good for long-term business growth and success. This activity is recorded in the company's Corporate and Social Responsibility Report.

Cadbury Schweppes | Engaging stakeholders in a business


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