Launching a new product into a developed market
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

Page 4: The snack market

It is not difficult to find out about 'snacking'. Walk into any newsagent, supermarket and petrol station and you are confronted by many different types of confectionery, as well as different varieties of crisps, cakes, nuts, pies and doughnuts. This is the snacking business.

'Held in the hand'. categories include:

  • Confectionery £4.9bn (chocolate sector £3.4bn)
  • Biscuits £1.7bn
  • Snacks £1.2bn
  • Crisps £1.1bn
  • Ice Cream £0.8bn.

Snacking is said to reflect the fast pace and busy lifestyle of many people in the 1990s. It is fast, convenient, easy and mess-free. The key snack consumers, 16-34 year olds, represent 37 per cent of all snack buyers.

Cadbury Schweppes | Launching a new product into a developed market


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