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CBD Wax vs CBD Oil: Which is Better?

CBD Wax vs CBD Oil: Which is Better?
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CBD is a hemp product that comes in various forms to suit its different uses. Most people are familiar with the oil extract as it is the most popular product sold in tinctures. But wax is also becoming popular, though many users do not know how these two products differ. 

If you want to try a new product line, then go for the award-winning CBD wax of 2021. But what is the difference between wax and oil? Can CBD oil be replaced with CBD wax and yield the same results? These are the questions any new user would want answers to before trying the wax variant. 

What is CBD Wax?

CBD wax is just another cannabis concentrate but with a higher potency than oil products. Wax contains a high concentration of CBD, so you need to take only a small amount to achieve the same effect when using CBD oil. 

What does CBD wax look like? It looks just like earwax or candle wax. The only difference is that it contains a high concentration of cannabinoids. CBD wax also contains full-spectrum cannabis extract, meaning that it also has terpenes, flavonoids, and amino acids. 

CBD Wax vs CBD Oil: Which is Better?
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CBD wax is a soft, semi-solid, crumbly product at room temperature. Wax concentrates all the benefits of cannabis, including those lost during smoking. Consequently, wax has a high bioavailability of cannabinoids and other chemicals. You should take it slow if you are trying wax for the first time because it can contain anywhere from 40 to 99.99% concentration of THC. 

As a full-spectrum product, CBD wax has an advantage in that it gives the entourage effect to the user. The entourage effect is a process in which the cannabinoids modulate each other’s effects, making them more potent. Studies show that when cannabis products are consumed in their natural form with all the chemicals interacting, it gives a more potent effect. If you are looking for a potent variant of CBD, then go for CBD wax. 

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is not any different from wax in terms of chemical composition. The main difference in chemical composition is that the manufacturer can control the concentration of CBD and THC.

CBD Wax vs CBD Oil: Which is Better?
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How are Wax and Oil Made?

Both CBD wax and oil come from CBD oil extracted from the finest hemp plants. There are two major extraction methods with butane extraction being a favourite over CO2 extraction. 

The butane method unlocks the trichomes, which are rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This allows you to get all the chemicals hidden in the trichomes. On the downside, it can destroy the terpenes. But if done correctly, it is efficient, cheap, and yields the best products.

Co2 extraction uses the carbon dioxide molecule instead of butane. However, due to its shape, it is not effective for extracting oils. Nonetheless, it does a great job of protecting the quality of all the chemicals in the trichomes. 

Differences Between Wax and Oil

The main differences between wax and oil are in the texture, concentrations of cannabinoids, and consistency. If you hold two products in your hands and cannot tell the oil from the wax, just look at the texture.

CBD oil is a dark, runny, viscous fluid while the wax is crumbly and semi-solid. Consequently, the oil comes in syringes or tinctures while the wax comes in the form of pouches that look like lip balms. But do not confuse CBD oil-infused products with wax. Some creams and lotions may be infused with oil. 

Which One to Use, Oil or Wax?

Perhaps you want to try CBD for the first time, and you are confused about whether to try oil or wax. It all comes down to personal preference. But wax and oils have an advantage in potency since there is no wastage of THC or CBD, ensuring that you absorb high levels. 

How do you want to consume your CBD? This will also influence whether to opt for wax or oil. You can use dab rigs to smoke either oil or wax, so if that is your thing, either will do. 

If you want to ingest your CBD, then you can infuse oil into your food and drinks. Vaping CBD oil is also quite popular, but if you do not like vaping, topical application is an ideal option for relieving joint pain. 

CBD Wax vs CBD Oil: Which is Better?
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You can also ingest CBD by using it as toppings on your food. Another popular way of taking CBD wax is using a bong. So, if you prefer inhalation and you don’t want to vape, consider taking a bong hit. 


Both oil and wax are highly potent as they contain high concentrations of cannabinoids. It all comes down to personal preference and method of consumption. While the wax is excellent for dab rigs, oil is easier to vape. 

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