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Data Visualisation in Sport

Data. Does that word get you excited? If you are in the sporting industry, we get that you are probably more familiar with playing fields than pie charts. The thing is, data isn’t just for nerds who work in an office. It can be exciting – stay with us! Knowing key facts about your visitors, fans, or team can really help you grow. Yes, we all know that spreadsheets can be dull, so that’s where our visual data comes in.

Sport Data Consultancy can take stats about your company and rework them into something you can really understand. Using pictures instead of numbers makes it super easy to see where you have room to develop and where you need to work harder. Perhaps, you are looking to increase your ticket sales, or you want to get more supporters to buy your products? Data visualisation can help you by putting all of the facts and figures together in one easy to read format. 

Data visualisation can help you:

  • Understand complex data
  • Communicate better with your clients
  • Identify key trends
  • Produce targeted marketing campaigns.

Our service

We pride ourselves in offering a service that is tailored to the sporting industry.  If you’re a member of a sports team or an athlete, Sport Data Consultancy can help you enhance your data performance for a specific project or for your overall company. 

Our expert consultancy service provides the guidance you need to really understand how to achieve your goals (and not just on the pitch). We can be as hands-on as you need and are completely flexible to your company. Whether you need short-term help for an ad-hoc project or more long term support, we can tailor our service to suit you. 

Our aim is to share our knowledge with you and equip you to be able to utilise your own data in the future. We can teach you our top tricks so that you can achieve great results on your own once our time with you is up. 

The service you will receive from us is completely personalised. That means that we really listen to you during the consultation before putting together a bespoke plan of action. We don’t reuse the same formula for all of our clients. The most important thing for us to understand is – what are you trying to achieve? Perhaps, you don’t know the answer yet, but that’s okay. Our experience in the industry means that we can point you in the right direction and show you some examples of the ways you could be increasing your revenue. 

We often find that clients are sitting on valuable data that they just don’t know how to utilise. Customer information can tell you so much about your business and help inform future decisions. We will start by taking a look at your data and helping you understand how we can do something amazing with it. 

What can you do with my data?

Some of the visuals we can produce to help you better understand your data include:

  • Heat maps
  • Location maps
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Tables.

Once you see your data in a new format, it can inspire you to start a new campaign or pursue a new opportunity. We not only put the visuals in front of you, but we can also guide you on how to take the next step and develop your marketing campaign. In an age where digital marketing is more important than ever, even if you are not a digitally based company, you need to know how to make your presence known online. Email marketing and promotional campaigns can help you target specific customers and expand your client base. Once you have unlocked new insights about your customers, you can tailor your communications to them and sell them something that they really want. 

We can provide you with a full digital marketing strategy for your company. You’ll know that it will work because you’ve seen the facts. We don’t just guess how to reach your customers, we let our intelligent data insights do all the hard work, and then we put together a plan for success.

Numbers and spreadsheets can be intimidating – and maybe up until now, you have avoided them altogether. We hope that we can show you how data visualisation can make things more accessible and teach you how to really score in sports. 

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