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How to watch the premier league live

How to watch the premier league live
Photo by Dom Le Roy from Pexels

The premier league is one of the most-watched leagues in the world. The top teams have attracted many followers on all continents. The number of punters participating in live premier league betting with Betway is also continuously rising. 

As things stand right now, Liverpool is EPL Champions in waiting. There is only a mathematical chance that their closest rivals, Manchester City, could catch up with them. 

To ensure you do not miss any of the action in the final stretch of the league, you should have options for following the action. Here, we advise you on how you can watch the premier league live.

Live Television

You can follow all the action through channels licensed to broadcast the premier league. Whether you are in the UK or abroad, there is a television channel you can use. Some of the broadcasters showing live EPL matches include Sky Sports, Amazon Prime TV and BT Sport. 

If you are outside the UK, there is a broadcaster with the rights. They are popularly known as cable TV. 

Live Streaming

You can also watch premier league action live without cable TV. The ubiquity of the internet and the adaptability of society has led to a shift in the way we do things. Sports bookies like Betway have been forced to change their operations to take care of the needs of new-age customers. 

Live sports broadcasting is not an exception. Football fans are looking for a more personalized experience in watching live matches. Powerful smartphones and high-speed mobile telephony networks have created a new breed of fans.

There are several streaming services available for the EPL. Some of these services are illegal. Therefore, if you love the sport, you are watching use a service that contributes towards the running of the events.

It is advisable and ethical to use only licensed live-streaming service providers. More often than not, these services are not free; you will be required to pay a premium for the services. Examples of the services include FuboTV, Hulu With Live TV, Sling TV, AT & T TV Now and YouTube TV.

To enjoy the services, you have to create a user account online. After creating your account, you will have to select a package that has the channels for the games. Each package has a different cost.

Read the reviews of the various services to make an informed choice when selecting. Check customer feedback on reliability and customer service. 

Mobile Apps

You can also stream games live on your mobile devices. Sports broadcasters have developed mobile apps for fans who want to watch games on the go. While not so different from the other live-streaming services, the distinction is in the mobility of the service.

There are many apps in the market. Some stream live matches legally while others do illegally. Your moral compass has to be on a high when selecting a service. Select a service that is legal and compatible with your device.    

There are apps available for Android and iOS users. Examples of EPL Streaming Apps include CBNC, NBC and NBCSN, among others.

Whichever service you select will be informed by your needs and budget. Whether you are a punter with Betway or a Manchester United diehard fan, there is something for you.

The most important thing is to avoid illegal streaming services. Such services have a negative on the sporting fraternity as a whole. Therefore, as you watch keenly the race for the top four takes shape use the moral high ground. 

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