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Earn six figures with these three side hustles

Did you know an estimated 45% of the American working population report having a side-hustle? Well, this clearly shows side hustles are becoming quite popular in the present days. With the stagnant increase in wages, virtually every American worker is looking for ways to make an extra buck to start living life on their terms.

From Freelancing to drop shipping, there are countless ways to help side hustlers find viable ways to make money as independent contractors. However, you’re not limited to online platforms such as Airbnb or Lyft to have a lucrative side hustle. Here are the three sure-fire side-hustles to help you earn six-figures:

  1. Drop-Shipping

What Is It?

Dropshipping is one of the most lucrative side hustles. It entails buying of products from a supplier who then ships the items directly to your customer. The great thing about this side hustle is that it always keeps your risk low as you don’t have to invest your money to buy products. Your supplier instead handles all the shipping and logistics whenever an order rolls in. All you’re required to do is list your manufacturer’s inventory on your website while you collect the profits.

The fact that you don’t need any eCommerce or coding experience to get started makes this side hustle allow you to pursue almost any niche you desire.

Cost To Start

Starting your drop-shipping side-hustle will demand an investment of up to $80 for web hosting and a premium eCommerce site theme.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

What Is It?

Affiliate marketing is another excellent way to make some extra cash in your spare time. The first step to being a successful affiliate marketer is finding the right brand to partner with and the right product to sell. As a digital marketing expert, you offer to help drive traffic to your preferred brand’s product. This is on the condition that they pay you a commission on each sale that you influence.

The best thing is that you can build your affiliate marketing business into a passive income powerhouse as it’s a massive industry. This simply means there’s always a niche that fits your skillset and knowledge base. Affiliate marketing doesn’t limit you. The more products you market for, the more the chunk of money you end up making.

The possibilities of succeeding in this side-hustle are endless. You can arbitrage Google AdWords campaigns clicks or grow your audience and include the products in your newsletter. You can as well join an affiliate network and have the hassle handled for you.

Experience greater leads and sales with local digital and always stay on top of your competitors.

Cost To Start

When starting this side-hustle, you’ll need nearly $100. But this mainly depends on your marketing strategy, website, and hosting.

  1. Freelancing

What Is It?

Freelancing is another lucrative side-hustle, particularly for its diversity. It offers you an excellent opportunity to make some extra money so long as you have a specific skill that you’re good at. From coding and formatting Kindle books to copywriting and playing Pokemon Go, Freelancing offers you incredible side-hustle opportunities!

You can leverage platforms such as Textbrokers or Upwork to reach active audiences eagerly looking for your skills. The great thing with freelancing is it not only acts as a superb side-hustle but offers you the chance to be an instant entrepreneur. You can as well focus on a specific niche or reach out to local businesses to make sure you make the most out of freelancing.

Freelancing is a huge win-win as it enables you to make money pretty fast, you get to choose your projects, and you can perfect a wide-range of skillset.

Cost To Start

The road to your Freelancing success entails building your portfolio and skillset on online platforms. This is crucial as it’s easier to land your first clients.

Bottom Line

There you have it! Three proven side-hustle ideas that can help you make six figures hassle-free. Start a side hustle today and watch it gradually grow into a self-sustaining income stream.

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