Motivation in action
An Enterprise Rent-A-Car case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Motivation is a driving force within an individual to do something well. Motivation is particular to an individual so it is important to find out what factors drive each person. Some employees may be motivated by working in a team whereas others could be driven by a desire to make a difference. This case study looks at ways in which Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Enterprise) managers find out about...
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Page 2: What is motivation?

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The term 'motivation' can be used to describe anything which causes people to accomplish more than they would otherwise achieve. Motivational theorist Frederick Taylor believed that workers needed close supervision and were only motivated by money. However, Enterprise-Rent-A-Car has identified a number of factors which are non-financial and which provide high levels of motivation for its...
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Page 3: Culture and motivation

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At Enterprise the emphasis is on creating a positive work environment. Managers and team leaders provide a culture through: Good relationships - managers take care of their employees. They find out about the expectations of their employees. They give clear directions and the team has fun together. Clear communications - clear goals and expectations are set and plans are shared. Reasons for...
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Page 4: Motivating people in the workplace

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Frederick Herzberg Frederick Herzberg showed that real motivation comes from within. Factors like good pay and working conditions (his 'hygiene factors') stop employees from being dissatisfied. However it is the opportunity to set personal targets and to develop oneself that are the true motivators. Within Enterprise, a number of de-motivating factors have been identified. These...
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Page 5: Overcoming barriers

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A motivated workforce does not just happen. People need to be encouraged. This requires skilful management and managers trained in motivation. Systems also need to be created which encourage employees to be more engaged with their jobs. The table shows how Enterprise highlights the differences between engaged employees and those who are not motivated. Enterprise managers look for employees...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Enterprise managers recognise that motivation is personal to the individual. If employees feel that they are being treated fairly, they will be more likely to give their best. Motivation comes from within an individual. Enterprise managers therefore need to find out about the personal goals and aspirations of their employees. What motivates one employee will not necessarily motivate another. In...
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