Developing vision and values to build a market strategy
An Eversheds case study

Page 1: Introduction

This case study focuses on Eversheds, one of the largest law firms in the world. It emphasises how Eversheds uses vision and values to support its brand and how this helps to emphasise that its services are focused on the customer. In service industries customers want to be confident they are dealing with an organisation they can trust. They will also want to do business with an organisation...
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Page 2: Accountable Relationships through vision and values

The re-branding exercise offered an opportunity for Eversheds to ensure it was delivering the service its clients needed. Prior to the exercise, the needs of the clients were being met in a variety of ways across the group of firms. It was important to understand which aspects of these approaches were working best and could be adapted for the new single organisation. Examples of best practice...
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Page 3: Developing vision and values

In service industries, an organisation can develop differentiation from its competitors by understanding what their customers really want and then providing it. However, customer expectations are sometimes difficult to understand and that's why Eversheds felt the need to invest heavily in research before redeveloping its brand. By developing Accountable Relationships, Eversheds put clients at...
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Page 4: Market strategy

A market strategy is a plan that provides Eversheds with the means and direction to deliver its brand for its clients, using vision and values as its driving force. The plan helped to: Identify what products and services Eversheds can provide for its clients. Change the way staff at Eversheds work, taking into account the values of the business. Create business models that provide the basis...
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Page 5: Communicating values for staff

To make sure the Eversheds market strategy was effective, it was important that all staff understood the vision and learnt to share the values. This process was undertaken through internal communication. Communication involves: The message - this must be something everybody can understand The medium - how the message is conveyed The receiver - the person being targeted by the...
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Page 6: Conclusion

In the legal world clients return to do business again with organisations if their needs have been properly satisfied. The process of re-branding provided the opportunity for Eversheds to analyse what it was doing best, so that it could then develop a single vision and a series of values for the whole of the organisation. The vision and values were then used to underpin its market...
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