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Guide to the Smileton dungeon in Final Fantasy 14

Guide to the Smileton dungeon
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Dungeons have always played a special role in MMO RPG projects and Final Fantasy 14 is no exception. Extreme difficulty zones with challenging bosses and difficult mechanics, but rewarded with unique equipment and weapons of the appropriate level for characters who manage to succeed.

To be able to defeat the boss of the current level for you, you must have equipment and weapons of sufficient power to win and strengthen the character with more advanced equipment.

It takes a lot of skills to prepare a character, and there are several ways to get them.

  1. Complete story and secondary quests – this is one of the most stable sources of gil production.
  1. Level up gathering and crafting professions to earn gils by selling and crafting useful gear.
  1. Buy ffxiv gold on a special website – you can buy game currency for Final Fantasy 14 in any amount with a guarantee of anonymity and compliance with all security standards to avoid potential game sanctions from the project administration. The service also guarantees a refund in case of disputes.

What is the Smileton dungeon in FF 14

Smileton is an instanced zone for high-level characters from the Endwalker update. The dungeon can be accessed by all players who have already unlocked Mare Lamentorum.

How to get to the Smileton dungeon in Final Fantasy 14

When a character reaches level 90 and starts the Cutting the Cheese quest, they will be able to unlock the Smileton dungeon. The quest is given to everyone who wants to help the Loporrit race from Old Sharlayan – a new tribe of beasts from the Endwalker update in FF 14. You must have equipment not lower than 540 power level to gain access to the dungeon. We wrote about ways to get such equipment earlier in the guide.

Basic mechanics of the Smileton dungeon

In the dungeon, you will find phased battles with three bosses with advancement to the next opponent after success with the previous opponent.

Consider each of them and the main mechanics.


Blue and red zones will appear on both sides of the boss, and after using the Lines of Fire skill, linear damage will be dealt in one of the specified colours, which will be selected randomly.

If you fail to dodge two AoE effects of the same colour, the boss will put a strong stun on you and deal powerful single damage.

Move around the dungeon and always keep track of the position of the lines and colours, because after using the Upside Down skill, the position of the marks will be changed.


The boss will use the jump forward and draw a marker of his future landing. All players who do not move in time will take heavy damage.

If the boss uses the Print Workers skill, he will repeat the same jump, dealing damage to all slow and inattentive players.

The Big Cheese

The third and strongest boss in the dungeon chain

After using the Explosives Distribution skill, explosives will appear on the map at different distances from the boss and players. The distance will depend on the number of arrows that will fall out when the boss uses the skill. One arrow – damage and explosions will fall on the short distance, two – the middle and three – the far outskirts of the location where the battle is taking place.

Dispense Explosives – mines will be randomly placed on the location, which will be activated when the character touches them. Just be careful when moving and this skill will be useless for you.

Right Disassembler and Left Disassembler – The boss chooses one of his hands to deal damage to enemies in this part of the map. Conditionally dividing the location into two parts, you just need to run across to the other side of the selected hand to avoid taking damage.

In the last stages, explosives and linear damage will be activated at the same time, so you will have to react more and run more often. Do not forget about the mines, which will still be located at the game location.

Recommendations for passing the dungeon

Each boss will have his own skill that will cause huge damage to the tank – the healer should always keep a skill on hand that will quickly restore a large amount of health.

  • The face uses Heart On Fire IV for this.
  • Frameworker uses Steel Beam
  • Big Cheese uses Piercing Missile

The tank needs to hold the Framework so that other players can hit it with impunity even while casting AoE skills.

Smiley Dynamite’s Burst ability can be cancelled if it procs in melee.

To protect allies from accidental contact with mines during stages where you need to dodge boss skills, at the same time, it is worth clearing them at a calmer stage by stepping on mines with a character with a high health indicator. All destroyed mines will not be restored by the boss in the future.

The healer should constantly use mass healing skills to prevent a sharp drop in health levels during mass attacks.

Attacking classes should always use AoE damage to damage the boss and surrounding servants.

Melee classes should be dispersed so that in case of a change of target from the tank, one of the players gets hit, and not all characters start to take a lot of damage, making it difficult for the healer.

At the moment of the explosion of mines, you can catch the moment and place where damage is not applied to nearby targets.

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