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Features of Affiliate Promotions in the Example of FBS Referral Programs

Analysts of Glassdoor claim that FX traders in the USA averagely earn about $73,000 annually. Plenty of investors say that the mentioned salary isn’t enough for them, though. Experts recommend such traders participate in Forex partnership programs. The most successful affiliates earn up to $50,000 and even more annually in addition to their main income. Thus, you can double your total revenue by taking part in the specified campaigns.

Specialists advise participating in partnership promotions from reputable brokers only. That’s because unchecked intermediaries frequently trick their clients. Among trustworthy brokerage platforms, investors highlight fbs.com. Thus, let’s take the FBS referral program to figure out what an affiliate campaign exactly is. Moreover, you will discover why such promotions attract more and more traders today in the mentioned example. So, let us dive deeper into this.

Are There Any Differences Between Affiliate Campaigns and Referral Programs?

Features of Affiliate Promotions
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That’s quite a common question today. Generally, these two promotion types have numerous common features. However, some experts note significant distinctions between them. For example, they state that referral programs suit ordinary traders, whereas only partners having websites with huge traffic can participate in affiliate campaigns. No one forbids regular investors to look for referrals, e.g., in social media, though.

Those experts also say that payment conditions are different in the described programs. Furthermore, specialists claim that affiliates don’t have to create accounts at brokerage platforms, unlike referrers. However, diverse brokerage platforms offer their own terms for the specified promotions. That’s because each broker strives to get as many successful partners as possible. So, every partnership campaign is unique. Consequently, tracking certain common trends for the described promotions is hard.

What Are the Types of FBS Referral Programs?                                               

Here, it’s necessary to highlight that FBS.Com offers several partnership campaigns. For instance, there is a promotion as part of which you should invite newcomers to trade at the mentioned platform. And another program, which proposed rewards for referring investors to install a branded application for mobile devices, is now closed. FBS regularly launches similar promotions, though. So, it’s essential to view it, too.

How to Get Money by Attracting New Traders

Here, affiliates have to create a partner account and get a referral link. You should publish the link on your website, social media page, trading forums, etc. After that, participants just need to receive rewards for each newcomer that signed up at fbs.com using their links. The income depends on the following factors:

  • types of accounts newbies create;
  • numbers of lots novice investors make;
  • currency pairs newcomers trade.

The promotion offers affiliates up to $80 per lot made by their referrals and the absence of potential earning limits.

Rewards for Branded App Installation

As a part of such campaigns, FBS offers monetary bonuses for its application setup. In the case of CopyTrade (closed now), you could download the app on both the App Store and Google Play. This essentially increased your chances of getting a referral. Moreover, about two million traders used CopyTrade. Thus, you could recommend the application without fear of referral dissatisfaction.

Similar promotions typically require referrers to create a profile to start earning funds. After that, you need to join the mentioned referral program and share a sent-by-broker link with your fellows, colleagues, neighbours, social media followers, etc. Referrers obtained $15 for every invited trader within the CopyTrade affiliate program. By the way, referrals also got bonuses. Such an approach helps attract newcomers.

FBS Referral Program Advantages

Features of Affiliate Promotions
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Among the key benefits of such promotions, experts note the possibility of earning money without constantly working. As a part of such campaigns, you just need to get a referral link and place it on online sources with huge traffic. So, referrers can go about third-party business while earning money by participating in an affiliate program. The other pros are:

  1. Low cost of starting up. FBS partnership promos don’t require you to invest any funds.
  2. Ability to financially compensate for an unsuccessful trading period. Occasionally, traders are forced to wait even several weeks until they receive a profit from a deal. In this case, referral campaign earnings may be considered a stable basic income.
  3. Low promotion expenses. There are numerous free platforms to promote your referral link. Moreover, affiliates can send the link to their acquaintances by messages.
  4. The flexibility of affiliate campaigns. You can easily make the promotion process more or less intensive, depending on the amount of your free time.
  5. Low risks. As referrers don’t need to invest money to participate in FBS referral programs, they can’t lose anything in case of failure.

In addition, traders can become more skilful in FX trading when participating in affiliate promos. That’s because brokers like FBS offer their partners extra materials to learn the Forex trading branch deeper.

Final Thoughts

Participating in a referral program is an excellent way to get stable extra income. Experts recommend taking part in partnership promotions proposed by reliable brokerage platforms (e.g., fbs.com). There are several types of affiliate campaigns. So, you can choose the most suitable one. Participating in referral programs doesn’t require investing funds. Moreover, you may become a more proficient trader as brokers offer their partners advanced learning materials.

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