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Five Things to Consider when Choosing a Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs are loyal friends, but they can also be dangerous. Dog bites can happen whether or not you provoked the dog. Some of the damages caused by dog bites include body pain, permanent disfigurement, and emotional trauma.

The first thing you should do after a dog bite is see a doctor. If you want compensation for the damages suffered, the owner should take responsibility. If they prove difficult, sue for a dog bite. To build a strong dog bite injury claim, you need to hire an experienced dog bite lawyer.

There are many dog bite lawyers out there, but getting the right one for your case can be daunting. Follow the tips discussed below to make your search process easier.

How to Choose the Best Dog Bite Lawyer

1. Specialize in Dog Bite Cases

Personal injury is a broad field, and not every lawyer will be the best for your case. For a dog bite, select a lawyer with experience handling dog bite cases. Personal injury cases have different requirements, hence the need for an attorney who understands the requirements of your case.

To win a dog bite case, the lawyer should get expert witnesses to prove that the damages and pain you are suffering are directly linked with the bite. A lawyer who has handled several dog bite cases before has a network of expert witnesses on call, making it easier to win the case.

What’s more, an experienced attorney will know how to value your damages and ask for rightful compensation. Do not shy away from asking the attorney how long they have handled dog bite cases and how many they have won.

2. Hire an Attorney in Your Area

Dog bite laws vary with states. Some states operate with the rule that the dog owner is always responsible if an attack occurs, while in some states, it is hard to prove liability.

Working with an attorney from your state means they understand the dog bite laws in your area and will diligently take them into account.

3. Consultation Is Key

A consultation gives you a chance to meet the lawyer face to face. While there, you have the opportunity to ask questions, analyze their communication skills, and make a decision on how the case will run.

If you do not like the lawyer at the consultation stage, take it as a sign and set a meeting with the next name on your list. Learn to trust your gut at this stage.

4. Check Their Online Reviews and Ratings

Thanks to the Internet we can get all the information we need online. Before you even schedule a meeting, check what other clients are saying about them. If previous clients are not happy, you do not want to take a risk.

Other than their website, search for platforms online meant to help clients get reviews about lawyers. Put up your questions about the lawyer and see what people say about them. Never ignore online reviews because clients will never lie.

5. Operates on Contingency Terms

It is important to ask your potential choices how they charge their clients. The best lawyers are those who operate on a contingency basis with an initial free consultation.

If a lawyer finds your case strong, they will agree to work on contingency, which means no fee until you get compensated. They then take a percentage of that amount.

Consult a Dog Bite Injury Attorney

When you are injured by a friend’s or family member’s dog, you might want to assume that the injuries are minor; thus no need to take legal action. Ignore such thoughts unless the owner promises to cover your hospital bills.

Pursuing a dog bite injury claim not only earns you much-needed compensation, but also makes the community safer by preventing more attacks.

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